18 Objects With Unbelievably Massive Sizes That Are So Big They Blew Our Minds

It’s incredible how things can be perceived in entirely different ways due to their sizes. These things get more impressive when they have non-ordinary and incredibly massive sizes. Some things are even intimidating to be close to because of their massiveness.

We hope no people have megalophobia among our readers because this collection features everything that is unbelievably huge. Scroll down to see the photos and understand what it would feel like to live in Gulliver’s world.

#1. Final Fantasy weapon?

Photo: © /ZZZ_WasTaken

#2. You vs. the guy she tells you not to worry about

Photo: © blackflash22

#3. When they say only one handbag is included in the ticket

Photo: © lunthh

#4. Floor sized pizza is the dream size of a pizza

Photo: © shajo777

#5. He can take care of himself

Photo: © efalsalah2030

#6. Absolute Unit of a Chonky Sphynx Cat

Photo: © eziorobert

#7. 25yo Ukranian Beast Vlad Suhoruchko

Photo: © neckmonster

#8. Passenger goals

Photo: © /—x__x—

#9. Hold me; I’m scurred

Photo: © FireAndIce_3

#10. Absolute unit of a dandelion

Photo: © willi_the_racer

#11. Humans at the bottom right…

Photo: © ustone100

#12. A couple of Absolute Units…Heavy-lift vessel Blue Marlin carrying Semi-submersible oil platform Thunder Horse from South Korea to Texas.

Photo: © 5_Frog_Margin

#13. Do they use contractor-sized garbage bags for poo pick-up?

Photo: © Zakk2112

#14. This off-road vehicle is even intimidating

Photo: © Arter_la_Blunt

#15. Ready for that cross-country trip?

Photo: © Chonkbird

#16. How can we be sure that it isn’t just an extremely small child?

Photo: © Sarasota_2022

#17. This would be normal size papaya in most places in Latin America

Photo: © Vegetable-Ant-114

#18. This absolute unit of a cat looks a hell of intimidating