18 Never-Aging Things That Time Simply Passes By And Has No Power Over

The principle of aging is quite the same for everything: time leaves marks on humans’ faces in the form of wrinkles and fine lines, places, and objects on the other hand decay over time, become worn out or simply out of use.

This post is about the exceptions! We have compiled all the stuff that simply doesn’t get out of use. These are the things that time may have missed and passed by or just doesn’t have power over. Anyway, it’s amazing how they didn’t change at all during the time.

What’s the most ageless thing you own?

#1. 1979 vintage keyboard

Photo: © Kirkwood1994

#2. Beautiful old Monarch stove

Photo: © Gnarlodious

#3. GE Toast-R-Oven. Had it for 20+ years and still toastin’


#4. My great-great-grandfather straight razor! Restoration in progress.

Photo: © Mononc_Bird

#5. Power supply unit from 1985. Still using it quite often

Photo: © Mbhg74

#6. Sterling silver butter dish from the 60s

Photo: © TetraDelta

#7. These sandals are 3,500 years old. From the tomb of Yuya, father of queen Tiye, Valley of the Kings.

Photo: © vman4402

#8. 1988 Miller Central Air Conditioner.

Photo: © 19Chris96

#9. Casio Protrek 2000T. 12 years and still going strong.

Photo: © ashok2ashok

#10. 1989 Yamaha Big Bear 350 inherited from my grandfather. Still running strong with minimal maintenance.

Photo: © Bacondunord

#11. Frye “Fulton” leather boots.

Photo: © MxCmrn

#12. 1960s Bernini 730 made in Switzerland sewing machine

Photo: © MathCrank

#13. Irvin flying jacket with a beautiful patina that is the perfect fit:

Photo: © FatFreddysCoat

#14. My girlfriend uses this sewing machine to make masks. Her great-grandmother bought it new back in 1925. It still works perfectly.

Photo: © archpope

#15. Coleman Classic tent from the ’70s. No leaks, and doesn’t require a rain fly. All original poles intact after 44 years.

Photo: © SpaceSurfer8

#16. Still looks like brand new

Photo: © freakitikitiki

#17. A Makita cordless drill from the late 1970s. Still works and the battery is inserted inside the handle like a pistol magazine.

Photo: © Leonardo_DuProprio

#18. Electrolux Vacuum, 1950’s. Still works just fine!!!

Photo: © Donut2583