18 Naughty Animals Caught Red Pawed But Too Adorable To Be Punished

When your pet is nowhere to be seen or very quiet for a long time, be prepared for something bad about to happen. But let’s admit when pets are up to no good, they are super cute and funny, don’t you think?

Sometimes our four-legged friends are caught at the scene of crime doing something they shouldn’t be doing. You might get too angry at first but the innocent face they make right after the storm they caused, will leave them unpunished again.

#3. Anyone else has a butthead who flops in the dirt pile demanding to be pushed with the broom?

Photo: © EnterraCreator

#4. This puppy has just discovered socks and toilet paper

Photo: © Outerbongolia

#5. “Take all I have just don’t harm me”

Photo: © bastard_vampire

#6. Sent some messages to your ex

Photo: © mhmmdensr

#7. “And I was wondering why this plant was dying….”

Photo: © killmensdfsdf34324

#8. “She saw me put a chicken in the bin…”

Photo: © GarageAromatic

#9. You want a nice photo and look at what you get

Photo: © ggdoesthings

#10. “My new kitten (6months old) just destroyed one of the only pics I had of my previous kitten.” How cruel is that?

Photo: © mlemTaco

#11. This is why we don’t meet any deadline

Photo: © andersfjog

#12. The baby shark

Photo: © streekstriker

#13. Dumbo being a total jerk

Photo: © Busy_Quail9234

#14. Aww so lovely! But she ate my strawberries…

Photo: © Tonkoise

#15. Nothing happened

Photo: © thegreenwaves

#16. She has claimed the phone charger

Photo: © lennsden

#17. The most comfortable place for pooping

Photo: © Otherwise-Ant-7327

#18. Why lie down on the cat bed when you can use the fruit basket instead?

Photo: © DarKliZerPT

#1. Funny way of apologizing for you cat the burglar

Photo: © ohwhelmed

#2. This seat will do just fine

Photo: © socarrat