18 Most Fake Photos On Instagram Uncovered By Users That Are Too Funny Yet Disturbing

With the endless possibilities that photoshop and photo editing apps give us, we all can’t help but sometimes be lured to try to edit certain things. Do you ever feel guilty about trying to edit your photos a little bit? Here’s good news – don’t be! We are more than sure you won’t feel guilty ever again after watching this collection of ridiculous photos reaching a new level of absurdity and beyond.

Super smooth skin, a thin waist, huge muscles, and booties, oh we forgot to mention the endless legs. People would do anything to fake a life on Instagram, and we are going to show you the most ridiculous fake photos some people shared and seriously thought others would buy it.

So just check out the photos that are the best examples of how far you shouldn’t go when editing your photos.

#1. Could anyone explain this, please?

Photo: © luayispotato

#2. Happy Graduation

Photo: © busylittlelife

#3. We thought this post was a joke but she was dead serious

Photo: © icouldcareless1111

#4. She deletes all the comments about photoshop.

Photo: © alora0107

#5. One IG post apart…

Photo: © Bo-naana

#6. Instagram post VS a live tv appearance – both taken on the same day. She doesn’t even look like the same person.

Photo: © PawPaw06

#7. What the hell has happened here?

Photo: © PrincessDollPink

#8. Just a reminder, none of us are perfect and social media can be such an illusion

Photo: © vintagebutterfly7

#9. Muscles so good they ruin your closet

Photo: © SergeantSilly

#10. No single touch of photoshop here

Photo: © savvyyyyy_

#11. A creepy Bratz doll

Photo: © WanderTroll1

#12. Same person, right?

Photo: © Olgina87

#13. Wow, those legs! Not photoshopped at all

Photo: © Noonecanhearmescream

#14. Can she even breathe?

Photo: © paplodiscobar

#15. “My hips don’t lie”

Photo: © Internalmassage

#16. Perfection on Instagram

Photo: © andomizedWords

#17. Photoshop or surgery? A bit of both

Photo: © elvenking4

#18. Why would anyone even post this?

Photo: © Mistresskatiafoxx