18 Most Amazing And Unique Things That Happen Around Us Everyday

People have stopped being surprised at anything yet this world never ceases to keep them surprised. We do believe that nothing is impossible and even the scariest and most incredible things in this world can exist. But the most thrilling thing is that there is huge incredibility even in the most common and simplest of things.

So all we need is to be more attentive to our surrounding world to be able to notice all the nicest and amazing things that happen around us.

#1. Princess Merida in real life is way cuter and braver

Photo: © DaryaBerger

#2. The Irish Elk is one of the largest deer that ever lived. It stood at around 7ft tall at the shoulders and large specimens weighing up to 700kg or more

Photo: © regian24

#3. Band practice in times of pandemic

Photo: © Gahrenn

#4. A Neanderthal man in a modern suit and tie. German museum exhibit

Photo: © ziggygersh

#5. This is what Sunscreen looks like through a UV camera.

Photo: © Blubbpaule

#6. Comparing the size of a polar bear paw against a human hand

Photo: © HoundIt

#7. 29cm Absolute Unit of a Prawn. It’s even mesmerizing, isn’t it?

Photo: © stroud

#8. When they said it will be fun at the petting zoo

Photo: © toolttime2

#9. A Sequoia tree. Beautiful and tragic at the same time…

Photo: © Ganggangbrady

#10. An impressive shot of a cat under stained glass lighting

Photo: © SalazarRED

#11. This all-female football tournament in Pakistan might have the best backdrop in the world

Photo: © whodidussliberty_

#12. Have you ever seen a crocodile’s foot this close?

Photo: © fajadraws

#13. An Italian 18 shot triple barrel revolver. Believed to have been made for a wealthy French gun enthusiast.

Photo: © casualphilosopher1

#14. The Atlas Moth. To scare off predators, her wings are camouflaged to resemble heads of a cobra snake

Photo: © FearmyBeard21

#15. Northern Cardinal. Male cardinals are brilliant red all over, with a reddish bill and black face immediately around the bill.

Photo: © The_Love-Tap

#16. So impressive! African house snake killing a Cape Cobra.

Photo: © IIstroke

#17. The toughest and yet the cutest viking ever

Photo: © daash

#18. The spooky season is on its way

Photo: © Chris20nyy