18 Most Adorable Animals That Decided You Deserve A Smile Today And Showed Off Their Cuteness

There are standard things that can make us smile, like vacation, babies, and animals, of course. We can’t stop being amazed at how little they do to win over our hearts so much and so easily. Our team is in a better mood now and smiled a lot while compiling this adorable collection.

We want to pass that energy to our readers too. So just scroll down to see the sweetest photos of animals that thought you deserve a wide smile today.

#1. Look at this adorable face.

Photo: © MvrMoppus

#2. You deserve a smile

Photo: © CompetitionMassive69

#3. She doesn’t care much for snuggling but loves to sit and watch me, wrapping her tail around her little toes.

Photo: © JephriB

#4. So cute with their wobbly legs

Photo: © NotAFridge

#5. This sweet fella walked 3km from the beach to a wheat farm and got lost!

Photo: © senorderp89

#6. He has no right to look like he’s about to drop a pickup line on me

Photo: © CollieflowersBark

#7. The American marten of the weasel family

Photo: © scot816

#8. Always looking majestic

Photo: © scot816

#9. I am the night!

Photo: © UnidentifiedAsshole

#10. Just a little guy that has stolen our hearts

Photo: © Zayyded

#11. And cats aren’t drama queens?

Photo: © DavidRolands

#12. When the existential crisis hits

Photo: © AmyMakesItBeautiful

#13. Bought them all sorts of comfy beds, but they still choose the sink

Photo: © thalassophillea

#14. Midsommar dog says hello! She’s a faerie puppy!

Photo: © mansetta

#15. The sweetest tennis partner

Photo: © treetea02

#16. These ears made our day

Photo: © camel_toe_rag

#17. There’s always someone in the family that always want to sleep

Photo: © AlexaCondrea

#18. Ceda carried his newly chosen toy to the register of the pet store, then rode home in the car with it. This is so adorable.

Photo: © InLynneBo