18 Mind Twisting Photos That Made Us Ponder How Could That Possibly Happened

Have you ever been so exhausted that you read the same sentence in your book and didn’t understand a single word? Well, it turns out that the same can happen while looking at bizarre photos.

When inexplicable things are going on, our brain starts to linger to be able to grab some logic.

Let’s play a game now: scroll down to check these twisting photos and put a timer to see how long it will take you to realize what’s actually happening there.

#1. The mirror photo of a burning tree looks like a demon straight from the hell

Photo: © iProcione

#2. Try to explain this optical illusion

Photo: © Beard_Monster

#3. Hmm, well? Duck season, Wabbit season

Photo: © rastroboy

#4. Be careful, she’s always watching

Photo: © digbick41

#5. Where’s the wall?

Photo: © FerrousDerrius

#6. They grow so fast

Photo: © Troopher-san

#7. Giraffe body paint!

Photo: © Skippy298

#8. Try a little closer and longer

Photo: © Grounde13

#9. This must be painful. Oh, wait…

Photo: © RiftDenied

#10. This neck has a mouth of its own.

Photo: © jradke54

#11. How this even happened?

Photo: © elkin1988

#12. Wait, what… Oh, right

Photo: © keenan316

#13. Okay, take your time here

Photo: © stuittact

#14. Eyes, nostrils, nose, mouth. Try to find the right sequence

Photo: © Tooleater

#15. Describing eternity

Photo: © kuchka70

#16. A mirror or a canvas? Good luck finding out!

Photo: © Endless_Vanity

#17. Let us help you here. Just an ordinary ballet dance

Photo: © StcStasi

#18. She knows how to mess with your brain

Photo: © TheCrookedStep