18 Massive Objects That Make Us Believe That Living In The Movie “Little Giants” Would Not Be A Comedy

We do enjoy movies about giants and have fun watching them. But let’s imagine what it would be like to live in a world full of giants. Terrifying, huh? You don’t have to imagine because we have compiled a collection with the most massive objects that feel more than real.

The fact is that thinking about the giant’s world seems fun until we see it up close. The closer these huge things are, the more intimidating they become.

Scroll down to see the collection and tell us what’s the first feeling you had while watching these objects?

#1. Is he actually a lizard or a dinosaur

Photo: © ProblemLongjumping12

#2. Crew members are standing inside the cargo hold of an LNG (Liquid Natural Gas) tanker…

, toP,ho,t,o,:, © 5_Frog_Margin

#3. The big green egg is definitely worth posing next to


#4. We met Poncho Via, the longest Longhorn to ever longhorn.

Photo: © 130tucker

#5. This snapping turtle is monstrous

Photo: © marshalltownusa

#6. This 15-liter bottle of wine is what we all need now

Photo: © MarkEgatts

#7. To whoever said they don’t ever get this big

Photo: © marcushendersen

#8. An absolute unit of a football referee

Photo: © fil_far

#9. Apollo, the 705-pound Liger

Photo: © SecureSamurai

#10. This frog looks like it’s auditioning to be the next star wars side, villain

Photo: © redacris

#11. A well-fed Pallas Cat looks like this

Photo: © fullnameqwertyu

#12. I see your 15l bottle, and I raise you this. Glenturret Distillery, Scotland.

Photo: © wormtool

#13. A small guy holding an average rabbit.

Photo: © Zookblast

#14. This garden asparagus is an absolute unit

Photo: © CRM2018

#15. Giants needed to play Fontomfrom (Drum from Ghana)

Photo: © Kestrel7356

#16. He is definitely the chunky red fella from angry birds

Photo: © busted_maracas

#17. They go big, bigger, the biggest

Photo: © BeanDock

#18. This guy has been in the local state park aquarium for 25 years. He’s over 50lbs!

Photo: © mylifeisafairytale