18 Majestic Scenes From Nature That Put Gratefulness To Another Level

2011 Spanish TV show called “El Barco” told a nightmare story about a global cataclysm caused by a fatal accident that flooded the entire planet. The only survival and hope was the ship these people were in; all existing world was then underwater.

Imagine if this was real and the only thing on this planet was the ocean. This sounds terrifying. We never appreciate what we have until we lose it. That’s why the Modern Mood team has prepared a collection showing the majesty of Nature to remind its readers to be grateful for living in this world and once again admire the great aspects of the natural world.

Take this moment of appreciation and be grateful to be alive

#1. What ice looks like on roses is perfection

Photo: © TheRoyalDon

#2.  Rare Melanistic West African Slender-snout Crocodile (Mecistops cataphractus)

Photo: © goatishrust

#3. This photo shows why bats are called “chiroptera,” which literally translates to “hand-wing.”

Photo: © Scientiaetnatura065

#4. The male golden pheasant, also known as the Chinese pheasant or rainbow pheasant, shows off several colors of nature.

Photo: © Crohnies

#5. Millions of Christmas Island’s baby red crabs emerge from the water and make their way back to the jungle

Photo: © Le_Rat_Mort

#6. Isn’t this fascinating? Frozen sand shaped by strong winds.

Photo: © MooseWithAntlers

#7. New life is always beautiful to look at

Photo: © xploreMoreMysteries

#8. The perfect moment of a swooping seagull.

Photo: © _Frog_Margin

#9. Have you seen anything more stunning today? Landmannalaugar, Iceland

Photo: © Perfect_Gas

#10. Straight out of a fairytale

Photo: © Slow-Birthday-4497

#11. Nature! Daryasar, Mazandaran, Iran

Photo: © SoggyConclusion4674

#12. Nature is as fierce as a tiger. Kanha Tiger Reserve, India

Photo: © royalbluesword

#13. The perfect symmetry and harmony

Photo: © cameron120792

#14. Brazilian Rainbow Boa – Beautiful constrictor found largely in the Amazon, can make light prisms due to structural coloration

Photo: © GrapeyGuy1

#15. Nature and its range of colors

Photo: © jbellas

#16. The spectacular white volcanoes of Arabia

Photo: © jbellas

#17. A thing that makes the Osiria Rose so unique is that it has both red and white petals

Photo: © Unknown

#18. Forever in love. Aurora Borealis seen from North Dakota

Photo: © VincentLedvina