18 Majestic Photos As An Evidence That Nature Is Always Fantastic

Our planet is home to the most unique, extraordinary, sometimes very strange, extremely rare, common, and uncommon creatures making an amazing bucket of diversity.

The posts about Nature, its astonishing creatures, and how it keeps on amazing us are our favorites. It’s incredible how Nature always finds ways to fool, confuse and amaze us at the same time! Maybe we’ve got to learn some things from it, but we will never be able to uncover the secret behind its majesty.

This collection of 18 incredible photos is the true evidence that Nature is freaking awesome, and we love it for that! Scroll down to see the photos and enjoy the fact that you live very close to this.

#1. This is insane. Lightning storm in the Everglades

Photo: © wolverine0714

#2. The White Tailed Eagle is the symbol of freedom and majesty

Photo: ©  ravelWhenICan7

#3. The blue-eyed black lemur is the only primate besides humans to have blue eyes

Photo: © therra123

#4. Less than 10% of jaguars are black.

Photo: © shortunio

#5. The gorgeous creature. Sailfin lizard from the Philippines

Photo: © Mericanjoe1776

#6. Hala Fruit: The only fruit that looks like an exploding planet

Photo: © herra123

#7. A close-up look at the face and eye turrets of this panther chameleon

Photo: © SingaporeCrabby

#8. The leaves of the Gunnera Manicata, also called Dinosaur Rhubarb, are an absolute unit

Photo: © SingaporeCrabby

#9. A Battle to the Death. This pufferfish decided to take its killer with it.

Photo: © Pasargad

#10. The dew made this spiderweb more amazing

Photo: © BrianBadondeBwaah

#11. The green heron with its neck at rest vs. fully stretched

Photo: © herra123

#12. Looking all happy to have a filet mignon delivered to his table

Photo: © NPT1506

#13. Fantastic. Indian Bull. 5ft 5in human for reference.

Photo: © ca_abhi

#14. An isolated drencher over Tucson. Doesn’t it look mesmerizing?

Photo: © scot816

#15. Close-up of the fangs of a rattlesnake (left) and Gaboon viper (right)

Photo: © therra123

#16. Foxy is gonna make a good soup

Photo: © herra123

#17. Why is nature so perfect? Satanic Leaf Tailed Gecko camouflage

Photo: © xgodlesssaintx

#18. Willy, wet and free

Photo: © Magnetron85

#19. A rainbow grasshopper is exhibiting aposematism. Aposematism is the use of warning coloration to inform potential predators that an animal is poisonous, venomous, or otherwise dangerous.

Photo: © Sayara2022

#20. The craziest moment of the lightning striking an airplane

Photo: © Magnetron85