18 Instagram VS Reality Photos That Are Too Many But Make Us Feel Sorry For These People

We were wondering when this perfect faces and bodies trend will disappear from social media, but the truth is that it’s hitting even harder. With the growing number of apps and software allowing you to change your appearance as much as you like, people start using them even when they don’t need a single correction. Well, demand creates its own supply.

Check out the photos of photoshop victims that did more harm to themselves than good. Comment on the most failed one.

#1. Her Instagram vs. original

Photo: © hetfield37

#2. Because girls love this. Everything for girls

Photo: © jueoni

#3. Where is the nose?

Photo: © asvpwolf

#4. So much brightness…

Photo: © DaisyDandelion

#5. Tell us more about beauty standards

Photo: © LastSignal

#6. Two of her fingers are thicker than her wrist

Photo: © MelanieSenpai

#7. Skipped leg day, forever

Photo: © Douchecanoeistaken

#8. Promo poster vs. set picture

Photo: © haleedee

#9. Asian filters are on another level

Photo: © moodylawliet

#10. Guys are just as guilty.

Photo: © redditgiveshemorroid

#11. Advertisements for Slim Fitting clothing

Photo: © dmtacos82

#12. Her blinding smile though

Photo: © Antiquity_Master_37

#13. Who remembered Popeye?

Photo: © jueoni

#14. They know we can see their stories, right?

Photo: © Gwanouttada

#15. She always voices how important it is to live your truth and be yourself

Photo: © moonshoezcan

#16. Why does she think this is super sexy?

Photo: © 666wxtchbxtch

#17. Another level of being a drag queen

Photo: © vcknloner

#18. Crazy how apps and stuff can make it look so real

Photo: © clutchkickmurphys