18 Insane Kids That Are Able to Make Their Parents Go Mad In Just A Second

Being a parent means enjoying the presence of your little cuties and super fun until it is not fun anymore…sleepless nights and stressful days, crazy kids and their desires. How much self-control one needs not to go mad when all that kids do is behave insanely naughty?

To find the answer to this question we have prepared this post of 18 crazy kids that are able to enrage even the calmest and balanced person. Do you have kids? How do you survive?

#1. The perfect advertisement doesn’t exist

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#2. At least they are having fun

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#3. Reasons why he should have stayed at home today

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#4. Kids trash thrift shop’s toy section, parents don’t care

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#5. Silence is golden. But when you have kids, silence is suspicious…

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#6. Best way to watch

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#7. The Regret in Her Eyes…

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#8. You hated that planter anyway…

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#9. Did I do that?!

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#10. Every parent can recall such a scene

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#11. Got into her mother’s hair dye before she woke up.

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#12. Why God, why?

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#13. Why is he doing that?

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#14. Never have children.

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#15. 4 yr old decided to put away the TP without being asked to

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#16. Your short break got shorter

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#17. A toddler found a white ink pad and immediately turned into Saruman

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#18. Let’s paint the TV! Great idea…

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Bonus: My reaction right after seeing this post

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