18 Incredibly Epic Designs That Make Us Believe In Creativity Again

All the people that made the greatest discoveries and inventions were simply lucky to be born long before us and make these discoveries.

In a world where technologies advance every second and where there is already nothing to be surprised by, a good design is a rare thing. But those creative minds that still find ways to impress us need loud applause.

Our team at Modern Mood has come across some truly unique and creative stuff in design and marketing and would like to show them to you as well. Here are 18 photos that we think are epic. Let’s go!

#1. Incredible 20 Foot Tall Door Facade by Gabriel Schama

Photo: © ScottieDoooo

#2. Death Star fire pit

Photo: © SomeoneFromGalar

#3. The most creative playing cards.

Photo: © brutalproduct

#4. Elevator in Vienna, designed by Otto Wagner in 1898.

Photo: © Teillu

#5. A few fantastic dragonfly and butterfly pendants/brooches.

Photo: © Eningwireart

#6. Beautiful Concept Packaging for Honey by Maksim Arbuzov

Photo: © Helpful-Substance685

#7. Kaunas, Lithuania on Valentine’s day

Photo: © DaArunas

#8. Nasir-ol-Molk Mosque, also known as Pink Mosque, a traditional Shiraz Mosque in Iran

Photo: © KantKay11

#9. An amazing bottle opener

Photo: © aynology

#10. It says, “For freedom or free time.” Only satire, though, but still great execution.

Photo: © balloonbiceps

#11. Cool Panda Bathroom Painting

Photo: © shin_kuzu

#12. The billboard for “The Dark Knight Rises.”

Photo: © Brone9

#13. The new glasses came in this cool bag

Photo: © sadshuichi

#14. Just amazing

Photo: © herodov

#15. Wish we could see the tail in action.

Photo: © jay66VI

#16. When the corvette lights turn into the sickest shades

Photo: © TheDonFlippa

#17. That’s such a good eye-catcher

Photo: © senormoll

#18. The cell tower in Bend, OR, designed to blend into the environment.

Photo: © conyacon