18 Incredible Shots Of Nature Slaying The Art Of Keeping Us Amazed

Oh, Nature what power you have to keep us intrigued and amazed with all the creatures of your hand. All the wonders, the fascinating phenomena, ever-amazing creatures of Flora and Fauna make us think what a small part of this world we human beings are.

It is true that Nature always finds its cunning ways to keep us intrigued, amazed and confused.  There is so much to explore, so much to discover and learn that a human mind is sometimes simply unable to catch up with all of the amazing events going on around us.

That’s why we prepared this post about the most captivating and unique shots that make our world such an amazing place to live in.

#1. An extremely rare white cardinal. Leucism is caused by a lack of pigment in the feathers

Photo: © astralrig96

#2.  Al Naslaa Rock in Tayma, Saudi Arabia.

Photo: © PerspectiveFriendly

#3.  A fascinating Agate with an ocean view in it

Photo: © LauWalker

#4. The under-belly of a Glass Frog is jus unbelievable

Photo: © kersedlife

#5. A time-lapse photo of hundreds of sunsets photographed Matt Molloy

Photo: © DiosMioMan2

#6. Jungle cats are so gnarly, ain’t they?

Photo: © bomatttt

#7. The perfect Spider Camouflage

Photo: © OLDSKYLbI

#8. Meet Queen Lilith, she is one of only two leucistic king cobras in the world.

Photo: © Clowns-and-Bugs

#9. A crimson sunbird taking a bath in the flower

Photo: © Kr0pr0X

#10. The cutest shot of the day: Mama bear and her three little cubs

Photo: © crinnoire

#11. The stunning male Borneo peacock pheasant, with bejeweled sapphire plumage

Photo: © jiosm

#12. Mesmerizing. Colima Volcano. Mexico

Photo: © thirteenstars13

#13. The most perfect camellia at Gamble Garden, CA.

Photo: © Airesigns

#14. Let’s take a moment to celebrate these white beauties

Photo: © MTPokitz

#15. A tree growing from the side of a cliff in the Scottish Highlands, Isle of Skye

Photo: © neatlysanta

#16. The cutest monster: An Orchid Mantis

Photo: © DiosMioMan2

#17. Hummingbird nest and eggs. How cute is this?

Photo: © unknown

#18. This is a Vulturine Guineafowl Hen. They can lay up to 40 eggs in a season!

Photo: © royallyobsessed2828