18 Incredible Photos Of Our Surroundings That Show How Wonderful The World Is Outside Our Smartphones

Life is a never-ending source of surprises and wonderful events. The things surrounding us have the power to amaze us in the most unexpected ways. Even the most mundane and ordinary objects around us sometimes hide a whole other world, a miracle, a wonder…

This post will definitely make you look up, put down your cell phones and try to see the wonders in the surrounding world, and be more grateful to be part of it. We have compiled 18 amazing photos of the ordinary things that surround us. Keep on scrolling to check them out.

#1. The inside of my inflatable air mattress

Photo: © -who_knows-

#2. The most unique cat with extra toes

Photo: © neon_noire

#3. A ball of salt from the Dead Sea

Photo: © afunnywold

#4. A hummingbird chilling on the phone

Photo: © andyman686

#5. A Tesla charger set up to look like a vintage gas pump.

Photo: © Indieobsession

#6. Theropod tracks in Leander, Texas

Photo: © Pondernautics

#7. This pine tree obviously doesn’t want to let the palm go

Photo: © dtg109

#8. The shadow of legos form a beautiful city

Photo: © Any-Ice-3206

#9. Left with only veins remaining

Photo: © spechlfriedrice

#10. A full coke bottle collection from different years

Photo: © Tranracial

#11. The tailgate of this truck is painted to look like there’s a bulldog in the bed of the truck.

Photo: © Vintage_AppleG4

#12. He sat just like a human at the picnic table and finished off our food

Photo: © takeheedyoungheathen

#13. Extra-long scissors for wrapping paper

Photo: © denrae-

#14. The perfectly shaped river rock

Photo: © Jack120Red

#15. My dog decided to sniff my sheets and left a perfectly nose-shaped mark behind

Photo: © hyaher

#16. A full cup of milk or an upside-down cup?

Photo: © PapaMutt

#17. Wild horses visit the neighbourhood once in a while.

Photo: © GalaxyBreadstick

#18. The art of reflection

Photo: © F_l_u_f_fy