18 Impressive Photos Showing That The Most Ordinary Things Have The Power To Amaze Us Too

We are used to seeing things in certain shapes, colors, and sizes and when the ordinary things look nothing like we used to see them it can shake our perception of things and the world in general. But this is what exactly keeps us amazed with this world.

We were used to posting articles about the incredibility of our planet, the amazing creatures, fascinating phenomena that surpass any logic and explanation but what about the ordinary things we see every day in our lives. They don’t always shock and amaze us but when they do they do it stronger than any incredible phenomena could ever do.

We have compiled this article to show that even the simplest things still bring joy to our lives and reveal something brand new when looked at from different angles and perspectives.

#1. Has anyone seen the end of the rainbow?

Photo: © toastforscience

#2. This is not a bird but a bird poop actually

Photo: © FlightlessRock

#3. “The shadow my shaker ball makes”

Photo: © Monosigaovata

#4. Old vs new Brexit passport

Photo: © DespinaGainey

#5. The local department store colorizes its shopping baskets based on whether you need assistance.

Photo: © Chhathedral

#6. Cracked Triplets

Photo: © rebusaurus

#7. Rock-Paper-Scissors

Photo: © SoonerLax45

#8. The overnight snow didn’t melt on grass patches

Photo: © matcarrot

#9. Nature took over Nike

Photo: © jurgo4509

#10. Evil looking teddy bear you’ll see one in a million

Photo: © rzyua

#11. In a sea of white tulips, one has some red on it

Photo: © Sam65789

#12. Those thorns are fire

Photo: © e1ioan

#13. Have you ever seen an all-wrinkly egg?

Photo: © bake-lite

#14. My Spanish sneakers have a map of Barcelona on the sole

Photo: © Xarawhite

#15. An albino snail

Photo: © Sad_Fly834

#16. “My cat left a paw print on me”

Photo: © marianasilveiraml

#17. Yeah, this tiny banana exists, and it’s too sweet

Photo: © ArnoldHarold

#18. Voters in India are marked with indelible ink after they cast their votes in elections.

Photo: © themanwhopunned