18 Impressive Photos And Facts As A Source Of Brand New Information You Probably Didn’t Know About Our Amazing World

We would have missed all the amazing things going on around us and somewhere far in the universe if not for photography and curious photographers who make all the majesty of our world so close and accessible to us.

These rare photos, showing how full of wonders this world is will definitely reveal a new side of our planet.

What can be more thrilling than meeting the real-life pokemon, the skeleton of a sea turtle, the mesmerizing beauty of an underground river that formed a giant sinkhole in France, or just the incredible various patterns of turtle shells? These things and facts will surely teach something new and show something really impressive, so just keep on scrolling!

#1. The Long-eared Jerboa is basically a Pokémon

Photo: © Ok_Student_8916

#2. The underground river formed a giant sinkhole tens of thousands of years ago in France. (Gouffre de Padirac)

Photo: © theflavienb28

#3. “Christ the protector” is being built in southern Brazil will be much taller (43m) than “Christ the Redeemer”.

Photo: © sweeneytodd66

#4. Male Sabethes cyaneus, considered one of the most beautiful species of mosquitoes, parade by waving one of their legs and swinging their body back and forth to court a female.

Photo: © Hf8uz

#5. Buzludzha Monument, Bulgaria. The Monument House of the Bulgarian Communist Party es built by the Bulgarian communist government and inaugurated in 1981

Photo: © TotaOtaharada

#6. This Buddhist temple indeed gives the sense of full harmony

Photo: © iam4real

#7. The skeleton of a sea turtle.

Photo: © encouragemintx

#8. Volcanic lightning. The “dirty thunderstorm” shot at Calbuco volcano in April 2015, southern Chile.

Photo: © Auxxit

#9. The breathtaking beauty of sunset under the clouds

Photo: © ohnoh18

#10. A swimming pool untouched by dirty floodwaters

Photo: © Disastrous_Ad1809

#11. There is a honey war going on between beekeepers in Australia over manuka trees. Some beekeepers even use Helicopters to position their hives in the groves of the sought-after trees.

Photo: © Really_G_Neous

#12. The largest pair of shoes in the world

Photo: © Dnoah123456

#13. Facial recreation of Justinian the Great, Byzantine Emperor from 527-565 CE and Theodora, the Empresses

Photo: © DrFetusRN

#14.  This sculpture from the Hoysala Kingdom is nearly 800 years old.

Photo: © 0Atman0

#15. This is the chick of the Crested Coua. They have markings inside their mouths in order to help their parents feed them easier

Photo: © TheChickenWizard15

#16. It’s wild how nature weaves the various turtle shell patterns

Photo: © GallowBoob

#17. Persian Shamshir sword made from *true* Damascus steel, circa 15th-16th century

Photo: © Pocketfulofteeth

#18. This wave is so perfect and clear it resembles a glass

Photo: © earthmoonsun