18 Impressive And Surprising Things Around Us That We Didn’t Even Know Existed

In New Zealand, there is a shopping plaza with a tram running through it. Well, this is rather generous considering the fact that this plaza is simply about a couple of gift shops and a liquor store. Whatever it is, this place is really cool and unique.
There are so many things and places on our earth that are not like anything else, and learning about them makes our hearts warmer. We at Modern Mood have come across some incredible shots that are hard to believe could really happen or exist.

These are precisely the moments that made us smile for no reason and inspired us to look for interesting stuff around us.

#1. My friend’s bruise resembles The Mona Lisa

Photo: © Justchillingtochill

#2. When aliens send signals by a flatbread

Photo: © admiral-_-snackbar

#3. In Christchurch NZ, the tram runs through the shopping plaza

Photo: © JohnFeckerson

#4. The wood has won…

Photo: © zutara_forever

#5. Adding a cast-iron skillet to a brick wall is another level of creativity

Photo: © Adeisha

#6. The clearance of the tunnel and trailer

Photo: © Lotus_Stalker

#7. The amount of juice that my roommate drinks in 3 days

Photo: © _deadrick

#8. The last thing you expect when getting ready to sleep

Photo: © Imterrifiedofsharks

#9. The squirrel kingdom revealed


#10. Three Generation Of Twins

Photo: © MrRyuZo

#11. Dog Wash machine in a truck stop

Photo: © SuccessfulJelly

#12. Absolutely shattered…A flood out of a container

Photo: © skeetac

#13. The only path back to my room blocked by cute but incredibly angry sea lions.

Photo: © NanoArowanaTank

#14. I found my 15 year old iPod with my childhood dog’s hair attached

Photo: © andyj1927

#15. “It was stuck on so I had to ask an employee to remove it.”

Photo: © Legobutwithlego

#16. 16 years of ivy growth destroyed in a single night of high winds. The entire brick wall was covered to the top.

Photo: © ComradeVISIXVI

#17. This woman had lost her engagement ring in the garden and found it 13 years later on a carrot

Photo: © Unknown

#20. This photo with giant fish could be such a good album cover

Photo: © blob_ditddit