18 images showing surprising things occurring in nature and life that we don’t really expect

Sometimes we tend to get bored and think of our surroundings as usual and uninteresting. Seems like the world has nothing else to offer, everything is clear and there’s nothing that can surprise us. However, it turns out, that there are a huge amount of things, be it small, or astonishing in their might, naturally occurring or manmade that are still capable of surprising our never-stopping minds.
Here’s a portion of different aspects of what this planet has to offer, that will make you look at things differently and restore your belief in our planet’s magic.

1.Gouldian finch

Photo: © HellsJuggernaut

2.The inside of a cactus

Photo: © Zavalac03

3.Me and a tree

Photo: © Silojm

4.Antarctica scale worms, Eulagisca gigantea

Photo: © AncientComparison113

5.Beirut blast 4/8/2020

Photo: © KitchenHovercraft522

6.A few shark’s teeth I found while diving in a river

Photo: © luciferlol_666

7.Mongolian double-humped camel

Photo: © goldbutthole

8.Frog rodeo

Photo: © GoodWookie

9.The Kayan people of Myanmar are known for wearing metal rings around their necks (left). Contrary to popular belief, the rings can be removed, for example when the coil needs to be lengthened or when it’s time to clean them.

Photo: © informationtiger

10.Rare yellow penguin

Photo: © sipthestreets

11.Never realized how much cats look like elephants from behind until today

Photo: © ThatMrZ

12.Massive 1200lb amethyst geode

Photo: © AWildMF

13.Dragonflies have some of the best visions in the insect world. Their eyes can contain up to 30,000 individual facets

Photo: © imgur

14.The Wolfsburg VW factory looks like a science fiction movie set

Photo: © unwisebear_fpv

15.Dragonfly acrobatics extraordinaire

Photo: © Next-Caterpillar-393

16.Is that a gherkin with googly eyes? No! It’s a putoko ropiropi: leaf-veined slug

Photo: © dandaman910

17.Spiral staircase to the attic of an abandoned school

Photo: © Abandoned_World

18.Rocca Imperiale, Italy

Photo: © louyplays