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18 Iconic Photos From Alternate Angles That have Made Them Unrecognizable

The human eye and mind gets used to certain objects and memorizes images the way it is used to see them. But what happens when we see something from completely alternate perspectives? It becomes super strange to no recognition at all.

Well, let’s see what happens when you see them. We have prepared photos of some iconic events, people, and places in history from an alternate angle that you’ve never seen that way before or even thought about it.

#1. Behind the iconic scene from Coppola’s “The Godfather” (1972)

Photo: © Swennick

#2. The Great Wall of China

Photo: © BufordTeeJustice

#4. How long would it take you to guess that this is a frog?

Photo: © EarthisFucked

#5. Caroll Spinney operating Oscar the Grouch, while wearing his Big Bird legs. ca. 1980

Photo: © art-man_2018

#6. Muhammad Ali knocks out Cleveland Williams at the Astrodome, Houston, 1966

Photo: © sadandsadness

#7. Inside Big Ben

Photo: © earthmoonsun

#8. Now you know what a Peacock butt looks like

Photo: © OpticalPrime

#9. Mount Rushmore

Photo: © Im_From_Florida

#10. Alternate View of The Moai of Easter Island

Photo: © onepersononeidea

#11. Behind the scenes of Sesame Street

Photo: © GrinderAK

#12. A toucan from the front

Photo: © earthmoonsun

#13. The back of the famous burial mask of Egyptian Pharaoh Tutankhamen (King Tut).

Photo: © vienna95

#14. Moments before the famous ‘Abbey Road’ album cover photo was shot, 52 years ago

Photo: © JohnPlayerSpecialRed

#15. Central Perk from Friends

Photo: © symonalex

#16. The Oscars selfie

Photo: © theAlat

#17. Freeway lit up at night for a scene in Once Upon A Time in Hollywood

Photo: © hjalmar111

#18. The Golden Gate Bridge with the luckiest helicopter

Photo: © peachisanut