18 Hilarious Shots Of Animals With Their Mini Versions That Are Just Like The Copy Paste Of Their Parents

There is a famous phrase like father like son, or like mother like daughter. A child behaves the way they show him in the family, treats others the way they do it in his family, and resembles the ones who bring him up.

In this article, we have compiled some really hilarious photos of animals and their mini versions. These kiddos are truly the copy-paste of their parents. Scroll down to get a whole dose of cuteness comprised of 18 photos and a funny bonus.

#1. Growing to be the copy of his father

Photo: © too-much-noise

#2. They spread so much love and cuteness

Photo: © rockstra

#3. Try to find at least 2 differences

Photo: © JP20021

#4. The father with its mini version

Photo: © hootersbutwithcats

#5. Like the two halves of an apple. Super cute halves

Photo: © ReadItFam

#6. When mom solves all the problems for you

Photo: © myheartgoshalalalala

#7. This is love. Golden and Golden Jr

Photo: © safi_az

#8. Twins or a mom and a daughter?

Photo: © noah253

#9. They even stretch alike!

Photo: © alien128

#10. The same cat chilling on the bed twice

Photo: © tronx69

#11. Sweetness overload

Photo: © EmergencyApartment3

#12. How does this happen when they even pose the same way?

Photo: © /dittidot

#13. Teaching his mini version to play in the dirt

Photo: © mokujinx

#14. Have you seen a double cuteness?

Photo: © ProBro84

#15. Guarding their mama

Photo: © A_M_I_R_

#16. And how sweet they are sleeping

Photo: © Johnnyoneshot

#17. Literally the same

Photo: © Imgur

#18. Like a copy-paste of his father

Photo: © Imgur

#Bonus: Omg, they are the same person

Photo: © sstr677