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18 Heartwarming Photos Showing How Contagious Happiness Can Actually Be

Have you turned on the light already because Dumbledore once said that happiness can be found, even in the darkest of times, if one only remembers to turn on the light?

Happiness is not a constant state of mind but rather a short feeling, found in the littlest things. It is so adorable to see people get happy from the tiny things and smile at something they really like and enjoy.

We think there is nothing more sincere and honest than such moments and decided to share such pieces of joy with our readers too. Check out the photos of our compilation and see how little we need to be truly happy.

#1. Her reaction to seeing a ballerina for the first time.

Photo: © Togakure

#2. This is so heartwarming

Photo: © JuanTheNumber

#3. The healing power of a head massager

Photo: © orletitgo

#4. Have you ever been this happy to have your chest hair shaved?

Photo: © iBleeedorange

#5. Every day has its dog…

Photo: © RosaBriggs

#6. Real happiness be like

Photo: © DoubleOScarn

#7. Carson Pickett gives a hi-fi to a child who has the same disability as her

Photo: © Informal-Ride9351

#8. Someone’s good boy never misses a nap

Photo: © mac_is_crack

#9. Sharing other’s happiness is also happiness

Photo: © Mr_Traum

#10. He’s all excited because his mom brought him a stick.

Photo: © Plsjd9823

#11. My 74-year-old grandpa with COPD and me, on a roller coaster. He was so excited!

Photo: © majahelenelarsen

#12. They are on a date. How cute is this?

Photo: © TwoTimeToj

#13. My son was born today. I don’t have anyone else to share it with.

Photo: © Rickyspanish33

#14. Photos taken before and after the photographer called him a good boy

Photo: © s1mp-101

#15. Young monks have a fluffy reason to smile today

Photo: © EldaVillanueva

#16. The happiest puppy with a heart

Photo: © Top_Radio_Kat

#17. Someone is getting smothered with kisses.

Photo: © JudithPiaser

#18. If this doesn’t touch your heart, we don’t know what will

Photo: © gatitos_qctd