18 Heart-Warming Photos That Show How Strong The Bond Between Pets And Owners Is And Its Indeed Touching

Anyone who has ever had a pet more than anyone else is aware that animals have feelings like human beings and sometimes can feel stronger and love deeper. Our four-legged adorable friends come into our lives and fill them with unconditional love and joy.

Times, when they jump towards the door to greet us when we come back home, sleep comfortably on our lap, lick our face when we are sad, and feeling down, are the evidence that pets can give us so much love and emotional support.

We have selected a list of photos of pets looking at their owners in such a way that your heart will melt. Check out these cuties and tell us about your pet!

#1. The way he looks at his owner is so warm

Photo: © Asianboye

#2. Zoey doesn’t understand social distancing

Photo: © rvherdjr

#3. This is what happens when they miss you

Photo: © BubbaMc

#4. These eyes tell how loving this cat is

Photo: © hitthebrownnote

#5. Isn’t this love at first sight?

Photo: © bioticgod55

#6. Look at how happy this makes her

Photo: © a1do1818

#7. True love here!

Photo: © kenonoreeves

#8. Welcome to the family!

Photo: © julianstate

#9. What is he planning in his head?

Photo: © sabrinalafond

#10. Backseat goblin emerges to give a sweet “thanks” for a dog park adventure today

Photo: © jbleone

#11. This puppy love is everything

Photo: © MissJinxed

#12. The cutest scene

Photo: © horseshandbrake

#13. This glance can absolutely melt hearts

Photo: © singleseatonthebus

#14. Pure love

Photo: © chooseausername23456

#15. She just came over, flopped on me for the first time and gave me this look. Hurts my heart

Photo: © sharpietaster

#16. “I’ll protect you”

Photo: © JustAMan1234567

#17. Just an old boy mirin’ his mama.

Photo: © brodeine-goth-syrup

#18. This fluffy kitty demands to be held like a baby.

Photo: ©