18 Handsome Men That Look Even Hotter With Gorgeous Long Hair

It’s too difficult to resist gorgeous long hair. But would it make any difference if the owners were male? We don’t think so, especially after seeing this collection of men with stunning long hair. Though long hair is mostly associated with women however the number of men with gorgeous long hair continues to grow. And together with it the number of jealous women also grows.

Some men look so stunningly handsome with long hair that it simply breaks our hearts. Scroll down to see 18 lucky men with gorgeous hair and try not to weep from jealousy.

#1. Filippo Melloni

Photo: © Filippo Melloni

#2. Tom

Photo: © toompiva

#3. Joel Magnus

Photo: © Joel Magnus

#4. Brock O’Hurn

Photo: © Brock O’Hurn

#5. Alen Hasic

Photo: © Alen Hasic

#6. Enrico Omri Ravenna

Photo: © Enrico Omri Ravenna

#7. Nils Verberne

Photo: © Nils Verberne

#8. MU

Photo: © manbun23

#9. Zaffhogan

Photo: © Zaffhogan

#10. Matthew Ferretti

Photo: © Matthew Ferretti

#11. ARND

Photo: © lepetitarnd

#12. Lucas

Photo: © lucasxmalta

#13. Thor Rosland

Photo: © Thor Rosland


Photo: © JAN TAAVI

#15. Giaro Giarratana

Photo: © Giaro Giarratana

#16. Tibor Pusch

Photo: © Tibor Pusch

#17. Tim Damen

Photo: © Tim Damen

#18. Greg Berzinsky

Photo: © Greg Berzinsky