18 Gorgeous Thrift Store Finds That Make It Hard Not To Envy The Owners

We have proved several times now that the best purchases are made in thrift stores. Vintage furniture, incredible pieces of sculpture, or the most common household items can all be found in one place for the lowest prices possible.

Sometimes while compiling such collections, we are jealous of those who made the most effective purchase of their lives and got this stuff.

Keep on scrolling to see 18 photos of good purchases and try to envy in silence.

#1. It’s Art Nouveau-inspired, and yes, it’s tacky, but look!

Photo: © PhoenixReboot-

#2. Lu seems to be pleased with this 3-dollar bed.

Photo: © Puppybrother

#3. The color! Such gorgeous chairs can be found only in thrift stores.

Photo: © sunspot5b

#4. A green phone from the 70’s at Goodwill for $27, and it still works.

Photo: © thrifterbynature

#5. “Best $10 I’ve ever spent at a Goodwill.”

Photo: © AMillhouse

#6. Warehouse of Tiffany Sarah Camille Table Lamp

Photo: © future_beach_bum

#7. Impossible to leave this cutie behind

Photo: © waltersmomale

#8.  This gorgeous silver-plated, brontosaurus ring holder

Photo: © 9pairsofsocks

#9. How beautiful is this stained glass art?

Photo: © phoenixfeathers88

#10. Lord of the Rings – 1987 Collector’s Edition with Leather Binding, Slipcase, and Map of Middle Earth

Photo: © Bob-Doll

#11. Cat dynasty

Photo: © One_Opening_6306

#12. An unbelievable Goodwill find – a Jackson King V guitar!

Photo: © ashmonster

#13. This ring with a secret compartment is a perfect find from a thrift store

Photo: © /headclouds

#14. When you have no place to put it, but it was only $15!

Photo: © honestly___idk

#15. We’re in love. $6 at a local thrift

Photo: © chmollz

#16. How darling!

Photo: © Rebeccca1020

#17. Again, one more incredible thrift store find.

Photo: © r13a

#18. An amazing hand-made and painted baby doll from the flea market

Photo: © Apostleguts