18 Girls That Found The Perfect Makeup Style And Showed The Benefits Of The Right Makeup

It seems that every girl is born with a natural talent for doing makeup, but this is not always true: not everyone masters the art of drawing on the face. So believe us when we say good makeup is the best proof of good taste and talent. The look may become either awesome or awful with just a couple of brush touches.

Thankfully, we are going to show some excellent examples of good makeup that some people did and made us jealous of them.

Scroll down to check the photos of people who know what is more suitable for every event.

1. Everyday makeup vs. drag makeup, both rather minimalistic and beautiful

Photo: © tombinjiya

2. Everyday 15-minute glam face

Photo: © ItsSundayBunday

3. Something really gentle and beautiful

Photo: © SnooWoofers455

4. The “Ready for a date” look

Photo: © Beautiful_Fishing569

5. Beauty is in simplicity

Photo: © ivterno2

6. The wonders a little makeup and a wig can do for one’s confidence!

Photo: © gloeingsoy

7. Everyday makeup before and after!

Photo: © godric420

8. Slate blue/gray with a touch of gold

Photo: © abby_cello

9. The minimal appliance of faux freckles is still beautiful

Photo: © DevontePlayz

10. The elfy Christmas look

Photo: © cookinwithclint

11. The “drama queen” looked nailed

Photo: © stevieb18

12. Minimal and tender

Photo: © Blakeasorus

13. One of the go-to “neon” looks!

Photo: © Sk8allday360

14. The perfect mama makeover

Photo: © Lesparky58

15. Natural vs. everyday makeup on! We like its bold

Photo: © daas_hu_gurudev_ka

16. Keeping it pretty natural

Photo: © captincook

17. No makeup still wins

Photo: © MisterFist1999

18. The magic of makeup

Photo: © averageinternetslut

Bonus: A work of art on a work of art.

Photo: © Choose_With_Time_