18 Girls Showed Their Bare Skin Before And After Makeup And They Are Simply Gorgeous

Despite the rapid growth of the makeup industry, natural glam is becoming more and more popular and many girls have already realized that they can be gorgeous with and without makeup.
18 girls in this collection have shown their bare skin before and after makeup.

The natural looks come to prove that there is a little to do to feel more confident and beautiful. After all, it is a joy to be a woman since there is so little to do to become happier.

Check out the collection and comment on your favorite transformation.

#1. A very beautiful makeover!

Photo: © makeupformermaids

#2. Being glammed for Prom is so satisfying

Photo: © limeylongu

#3. Perfected the natural no-makeup look

Photo: © datgworl

#4. Daytime Makeup

Photo: © nijonas12

#5. A beautiful transformation to have a wine date

Photo: © Felissaurus

#6. The Diwali edition

Photo: © priyalicious

#7. A very beautiful date night

Photo: © miyukisenpai

#8. Every woman needs to feel cute from time to time

Photo: © wiwalla

#9. A very soft look before and after

Photo: © NiniReeves

#10. If this gives you confidence then it’s all you need

Photo: © generictrash97

#11. A very fresh, summery look.

Photo: © billyyshears

#12. Getting ready for a date!

Photo: © cotton_candy_cyanide

#13. Summer glow up

Photo: © kalimdore

#14. The little joys of being a woman

Photo: © jojomarienie

#15. Elegance and confidence

Photo: © veryemmappropriate

#16. Those makeup skills evolve with each year

Photo: © justawalkingtaco

#17. Natural glam is so luring

Photo: © amstown

#18. The soft Marilyn Monroe look

Photo: © dontmindme365

#Bonus: The Corpse Bride

Photo: © Mage_Corn