18 Funny Photos To Make You Laugh For No Reason At All

We don’t need much to smile, even the simplest things are able to draw a smile on our faces and not leave it for a while. We are sure the photos in this collection will make you smile even when you remember them in a few days waiting in a line at the supermarket.

A kitten goofing around the Christmas tree, a man that used a bra instead of a mask (this one we laughed out loud), and a cookie with (we are even ashamed to say) genitals.

All these are selected in one collection and we think you will love them.

#1. We wonder what’s going through the customer’s mind

Photo: © Ornery-Vermicelli-20

#2. Noble prize winner 2050

Photo: © Forsaken-Garage-676

#3. “My wife fired me from baking cookies with her”

Photo: © D-B-Zzz

#4. Whoville in the summertime.

Photo: © gwh811

#5. Just try to guess how this dude is holding that drum

Photo: © skatedaddy10

#6. When you wait for days and get this message

Photo: © beka_targaryen

#7. Boss isn’t gonna be happy with that one

Photo: © Billionboiii

#8. Chestnuts roasting on an open fire

Photo: © mrspetie

#9. I was sleeping this whole time

Photo: © Fernando_357

#10. 80s cartoons were different

Photo: © mattjh

#11. This duck will regret it if she makes it alive

Photo: © Davizaojooj

#12. What cocktail would you serve in this?

Photo: © dinniestone

#13. Imagine walking into the kitchen and seeing your dog standing on the table pissing on your kids’ plate

Photo: © trashgremlinuwu

#14. Just informed them there won’t be a Second Breakfast… or an Elevenses.

Photo: © Freyu

#15. Why so serious?

Photo: © Shansquatch

#16. Got this letter from Zoe while deployed. She gets it.

Photo: © TheDeepBlueZ

#17. This statue is called “The Stinker.”

Photo: © razor10000

#18. The coolest cookie to make the birthday boy smile

Photo: © divvychugsbeer