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18 Funny Photos That Are So Stupid And Yet We Can’t Stop Laughing At

We all deserve a little smile in these challenges for our times with all the negativity and nightmares happening in the world. Some stupid, innocent jokes are the best way to distract ourselves from the daily routine and make everything easy for a moment.

We have prepared a collection of 18 funny photos that will at least put a smile on your face if not make you crack from laughter. Keep on scrolling to see the photos and comment on the one you laughed out loud at.

#1. This cashew needs to calm down.

Photo: © pluckyjester

#2. Grandma said her new apartment came with an iPhone, or so I thought…

Photo: © BinBender

#3. Mormons call that “soaking.”

Photo: © Vonnegut_butt

#4. Is this a statue of a dicktater?

Photo: © Fragrant_Bother3752

#5. Long beards and angle grinders don’t mix

Photo: © BruceInc

#6. There is currently an art exhibition in Örebro…

Photo: © Centeration

#7. Ways to fight Texas heat

Photo: © Codyayo

#8. He’s lying.

Photo: © Unkie_Al

#9. That’s one athletic sausage

Photo: © DroidBot1

#10. The trophy for July 4th hot dog eating contest…

Photo: © FiveOhFive91

#11. Build me a yacht with everything on board. I don’t care how much it costs!

Photo: © Th3sseract

#12. The wedding is a success!

Photo: © heyjealousy121

#13. My body pillow has an umbrella stand! How convenient.

Photo: © alfy2pointohno

#14. That’s a safe distance from the backsplash.

Photo: © pass_the_hot_sauce

#15. Going on nice walks with the girlfriend

Photo: © Naweezy

#16. First, there was crying, and then there was laughing. Much laughing. Don’t worry, the baby is fine.

Photo: © tuonni

#17. Money won’t buy you friends

Photo: © tomhanksgiving

#18. Went to a new barber…

Photo: © Seandouglasmcardle