18 Funny Photos Of The Derpiest Animals That Make Us Love Them Unconditionally Despite Their Derpiness

Petting an animal is not always about cuteness and sweet moments; there are times when they act like derps and are super naughty. But this makes our love for them even stronger. Even if they sometimes cause disaster around them, they are perfectly loveable anyway.

We have compiled a cute collection of 18 funny photos of derpy animals that know how to find their way to our hearts at the end of the day. Check out the photos and share the derpiest picture of your four-legged happiness.

#1. Two different types of derp: the tired and the hyperactive.

Photo: © sagitta42

#2. Shut it up

Photo: © raining-Temporary-7

#3. The pretty prisoner

Photo: © TaiyouRae

#4. We wonder how he got up there in the first place

Photo: © EarlyAsparagus6408

#5. He’s a strange one, that’s for sure.

Photo: © Andy608

#6. This job has made her so frustrated

Photo: © jix333

#7. I guess I won’t grow a garden this year…

Photo: © Important-Speech-250

#8. Man down after a couple of drinks

Photo: © mostly-chill

#9. The majestic owners of the beach

Photo: © thatsonecookedgoose

#10. Don’t just stare at it. Eat it.

Photo: © Skabidibop

#11. He was very concerned that I wasn’t going to finish my dinner

Photo: © makeskidskill

#12. You don’t see the reality behind this cuteness

Photo: © stormingstormer

#13. Hi there!

Photo: © sydgc

#14. His face whenever he has to shower

Photo: © Key_Thought3950

#15. No, you’re not Batman!

Photo: © Fahim61891012

#16. Showing his full derpiness in one action shot

Photo: © alextbrown4

#17. Come on, Rover, look out the other window.

Photo: © FarmUnique667

#18. Ah yes, the classic throat paw.

Photo: © Stoxli