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18 Funny Faces Of Weird Dogs That Could Easily Brighten Even The Gloomiest Day

People understand an act of kindness in different ways. Some will compliment you to make you smile, and some will buy a flower for the one selling flowers or hug and spin around to cheer someone up. These completely different things are only done for one reason to make your loved ones happy or cheer them up when they need it most.

And we at Modern Mood have our own way to cheer our readers up and we do it with the dopest photos of crazy dogs that are so funny in many ways. We have compiled this collection with the silliest creatures we call human’s best friends to make sure that your day starts with a smile. Scroll down to see the photos and share your dog’s funny postures as well.

#1. DeeDee’s reaction after telling her she’s adopted

Photo: © herealjanusmcmanus

#2. Everything is a pillow when you’re dog tired.

Photo: © Effective-Froyo6036

#3. The smooth criminal

Photo: © Lelehu

#4. Can anyone be this cute when sleeping?

Photo: © Practical_Knowledge8

#5. The perfect smile doesn’t exis…

Photo: © /ilieirl

#6. He can sit like this, waiting for you forever

Photo: © TransUranium235

#7. Is it legal to be this cute?

Photo: © briane_24

#8. There is an error with my fried chicken.

Photo: © sackofbee

#9. The poor dog saw the apocalypse

Photo: © cenabollywood

#10. His name is Dug. And Dug is a masterpiece

Photo: © Devi8tor

#11. Looks like she is living her best life.

Photo: © MilkBone_

#12. Doggo: So you are getting married… LMAO

Photo: © MeliaDanae

#13. This dog is definitely living his best life

Photo: © rebu18

#14. Great Dane … Some assembly required

Photo: © ryanstephendavis

#15. My goodness, he’s a cutie!

Photo: © lcmonreddit

#16. The first time seeing snow, looks like this

Photo: © usskirk

#17. “Dude, your face is scary.”

Photo: © exxxcess69

#18. Simply tired of all that negativity

Photo: © retired_punk