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18 Funny Dogs That Went Crazy And Forgot How Normal Dogs Should Behave

Dogs, of course, are the funniest creatures that can bring you out of depression and cheer up even the worst mood with one of their mischievous looks and puppy enthusiasm. And they sometimes behave strangely, as if forgetting how normal dogs should behave. But this is not bad at all, but very good, because looking at their eccentricities at such moments is a pleasure.

1. The answer is—a lot. A lot is wrong with my dog.

2. I think my dog has a secret Tinder account.

3. A cozy place to fall asleep for Lemon Pepper

4. This is a recurrent position. WWWYD? I don’t know, judge yourselves

5. Bruno says howdy!

6. What, is there something stuck in my teeth?

7. Summit catching/eating food

8. Meet Cora. She forgets how to make normal faces during playtime.

9. I think I overcooked my poodle

10. My fur niece refuses to look at the new addition.

11. One of the chickens.

12. Best spot in the house to sleep

13. She sleeps like a 60yo man

14. Shrimp shape

15. These are my stairs

16. Archer mid-sneeze attack

17. I took a slo-mo video of my dog playing fetch. and there was one perfect frame.

18. My parents’ dog meerkats when she wants a belly rub