18 Funniest Struggles Of Tall People That Face “Tall” Problems Every Day

The Netherlands has the tallest population according to studies and the average man there stands 1,83 centimeters while women are on average 1,72 centimeters tall.

Shorter people always wish to be a few inches taller while tall people live the reality of facing “tall” problems. From kneeling in front of a toilet to not being able to fit in ordinary (for us) places or taking two seats in the stadium, these people know more about the struggles of being tall. The Modern Mood has prepared the funniest photos of tall people’s daily struggles who are obviously stuck in a world that is not able to accommodate their height.

Scroll down to see the photos but don’t pity these people much because even so being tall also has its advantages which you can see in the bonus we’ve prepared at the end. Let’s go!

#1. The tallest problem of tall people

Photo: © Unknown

#2. The ceiling helps with balance!

Photo: © TallChick9

#3. What it feels like to be a giant in the world of minions

Photo: © dragula15

#4. When they say taking a shower can’t be inconvenient

Photo: © mariataytay

#5. What is your superpower?

Photo: © BinghamL

#6. You know you’re lucky when the front seat is empty

Photo: ©  Sevzor

#7. True love conquers all

Photo: © arnoldswatanigga

#8. The same here!

Photo: © elliotekstrom

#9. Gave my friend my pants to use as a blanket during our sleepover

Photo: © BollyHurt

#10. “I can forgive short mirrors since I’m ugly, but I will never forgive the evil that is Aku! “

Photo: © Zonumdrum

#11. “Why I can’t have nice things”

Photo: © damoek

#12. What it feels like to be a stranger in China

Photo: © rj_macready1982

#13. What tall people look like using an ATM

Photo: © posterizeee

#14. When you are desperate but find a solution

Photo: © megustapasta

#15. Height is nothing but a number

Photo: © marynotrhoda

#16. This toilet gets him on his knees

Photo: © Xanax_Banana69

#17. And it’s sometimes even convenient

Photo: © Xanax_Banana69

#18. Height is an illusion

Photo: © Unknown

#Bonus: Being tall sometimes has advantages.

Photo: © spriteburn