18 Funniest Failed Purchases That Make Us Pity These People After A Good Laugh

Online shopping is the most convenient way to shop for products yet it is definitely the most deceiving one. And despite all the proof from the victims of online purchases, there are still people who don’t lose hope to get exactly what they see in online ads and photos.

However, online shopping is not the only source of disappointment and it won’t be fair to blame it for all the failed purchases that we make. It doesn’t matter how hard we may try, we will never be able to see what’s inside a good packaging.

In this post, we have prepared the funniest failed purchases that people made. Okay, we know it’s too impolite to laugh but I mean look at these, how wouldn’t we?

#1. Spongebob popsicle or distorted realities.

Photo: © madronacreek

#2. The description says: Kinda cuter when tattooed on the hand

Photo: © the_misfit_123

#3. Another warning on thinking it’s gonna look as cool as in the ad.

Photo: © Jasonfrost3425

#4. Cute hot dog bun or some things are better not to be tried

Photo: © 9999monkeys

#5. Tortured but still tastes good.

Photo: © benjchelt

#6. Looking for someone to fix this

Photo: © DiosMioMan2

#7. At least she tried

Photo: © AnhGeller

#8. The first day trying to eat healthily and you get this

Photo: © MoeApple2

#9. Rainbow mix water beads…

Photo: © BoatManT

#10. They didn’t even try with this one

Photo: © betinalss

#11. Where’s my M&Ms?

Photo: © clownparade

#12. What I ordered VS What I Got.

Photo: © PutASausageInYoButt

#13. Disappointment be like

Photo: © amiedix0n

#14. 22$ for pure disappointment

Photo: © yoman9595

#15. I think they forgot the pink…

Photo: © Huns26

#16. Tried to make a smiley like it’s shown online…

Photo: © zfreakazoidz

#17. Is this a coincidence? Well, we don’t think so

Photo: © JivyNme

#18. Ergonomic dining table for the cat…

Photo: © WinifredBrzezinski