18 Forbidden Snacks That Are So Tasty To The Eye But Are Hurtful For The Mouth

When we see something delicious or simply think of it our mouth waters. That’s because even the thought of something tasty and something that we like switches on some chemicals that transmit impulses to the brain.

But looks can be deceiving and our brain (well and the stomach) can’t resist the sight of a tasty meal even when it’s not a meal at all. We have prepared a satisfying collection of 18 forbidden snacks that are tasty to the eye but surely not for the mouth.

Check out the photos and tell which one would make you wanna eat them and never even suspect.

#1. Two floofs sharing a tree are nothing edible

Photo: © CatEaterr

#2. Forbidden tortilla

Photo: © Sauron3106

#3. We can even smell how tasty it is

Photo: © /mrmotl

#4. Think twice before you decide to eat this spaghetti

Photo: © CoastaIToast

#5. So disappointed!

Photo: © moji_horvejkul

Photo: © moji_horvejkul

#6. A Chocolate Covered Donut, anyone?

Photo: © TooHigh2Die420

#7. Willy Wonka Mushrooms look so yummy

Photo: © TooHigh2Die420

#8. The killer bread loaf

Photo: © beo19

#9. Forbidden Meat Cube that is actually a candle

Photo: © StarN1ght5

#10. This may be the tastiest bread

Photo: © Sharon2911

#11. 16 times to avoid eating ice cream

Photo: © Giotto_diBondone

#12. Cute sleeping croissant

Photo: © KotZSerem

#13. Don’t even try to come closer to this cabbage

Photo: © derWintersenkommt

#14. Why everything harmful looks so delicious?

Photo: © McNugget_Master2008

#15. Raspberry cheesecake?

Photo: © GuardOfHonor

#16. The island of hard-boiled eggs

Photo: © Handy_Newman

#17. Whether these look like pepperoni or super skinny carrots, they are not edible

Photo: © takesmassiveshits

#18. Baked Ham? Don’t even think about it

Photo: © Sultry_Penguin