18 Fluffy Cats That Turn Any Place Into A Sleeping Site Are Just Hilarious

There a people who say they can sleep anywhere they can put their head, but can they master it as cats do? We strongly doubt that, since these cute but naughty felines are able to find the weirdest places to rest their weary eyes.

We at Modern Mood have tried to collect the most adorable photos of cats that decided to sleep and chose the most unexpected places to do it. Which one is your favorite?

#1. Aw, how cute is this?

Photo: © AwwCatsDotCom

#2. The neighborhood kitty just melted on the porch.

Photo: © Krian78

#3. Wisps favorite napping spot.

Photo: © LaurenShisler

#4. Spilled his Oreo cookie shake, and then fell asleep.

Photo: © AngieTiredAndHungry

#5. The cutest fit

Photo: © filltopple

#6. Zombie cat rising from the grave

Photo: © Valdagast

#7. Who else wants to melt like this?

Photo: © Prior-Space-2732

#8. What can be more adorable than a cat in a boot?

Photo: © jakeycakey1

#9. Wheat flour to make the loaf

Photo: © PersonalCat8

#10. Cup holder? or cat holder?

Photo: © HopingForAcceptance

#11. So that no one can disturb me…

Photo: © kowdermesiter

#12. 2 rooms for 2 bosses. just as beautiful

Photo: © Nguyentu83

#13. A sink full of cuteness

Photo: © rosebatlolabat

#14. So funny and adorable

Photo: © OfficeSpaceRocks

#15. Look at that face!

Photo: © Thereaper29

#16. He seems comfy and enjoying his nap

Photo: © MelonOfFury

#17. The safest spot

Photo: © Gnubsi90

#18. 5 more minutes

Photo: © Gnubsi90