18 Fluffball Faces That Describe What Real Therapy And Happiness Looks Like

If you ever feel down, you only need to look at the innocent face of your mascot, but if you don’t have one, we have prepared this collection just for you. Cute faces, moist noses, fluffy fur, wiggling tails – do these words tell anything to you? For us, these words are the best description of what anti-stress looks like.

To ensure our readers a healthy, stress-free environment, our team at Modern Mood has compiled a sweet collection of 18 fluffballs. Scroll down to claim your free therapy session with these cute faces that will definitely make you smile at least 18 times.

#1. Loving that ocean breeze

Photo: © __obi__wan__cannoli

#2. The infamous blue-footed whatchamacallit is one of the coolest animals

Photo: © Fenrir-1919

#3. A dog selfie is trending now

Photo: © GrosseWaffeInDerHose

#4. The most beautiful baby, Sunshine!!

Photo: © figtoria

#5. Mr. baby showing you his new collar

Photo: © YouveGotMail236

#6. Found these polydactyls under my deck

Photo: © leisureenthusiast

#7. This guy is the sweetest ever!

Photo: © badwolf42

#8. The perfect eyes exist

Photo: © portfut

#9. The branch manager and the assistant branch manager

Photo: © vladgrinch

#10. Are there any cat lovers among our readers?

Photo: © Pretty_mavisLarry

#11. Laughing for two days after visiting the groomer

Photo: © Twisted_NaeNae

#12. Blessed Council

Photo: © hconfiance

#13. It’s hard to think that this adorable creature is capable of serious damage.

Photo: © life_is_loud

#14. He’s perfect, isn’t he?

Photo: © growup_andblowaway

#15. Roo wants nothing except to ride on my dog and sit on my head

Photo: © dr_cl_aphra

#16. Fluffball happy about his delivery

Photo: © Ilovegoodnugz

#17. Now there is more to this happiness

Photo: © JephriB

#18. Can you look at this face and not smile?

Photo: © compscilady