18 Finest Examples Of Architectural Design That Will Leave Your Mouth Open With Their Fascinating Details

The ancient architecture of buildings, churches, and cultural monuments is still an object of admiration: it’s fascinating how people could create such incredible monuments without much knowledge of architecture and design, without so many professional books and internet and available educational materials, in general. They still managed and bequeathed us the most majestic places we take pride in today. Imagine how much architecture did thrive over time, and some designs simply astonish with their uniqueness.

Here are 18 photos of the finest examples of architectural designs from different periods that will leave your mouth open with their fascinating elements and details.

#1. Temple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Barcelona, Spain

Photo: © tanmaypendse63

#2. Toghrol Tower, as it was photographed in the 1840s. Iran, Seljuk period, 1063

Photo: © MunakataSennin

#3. The structure of the Chapel of Sound Amphitheatre is a monolithic open-air performance theatre with glimpses of the Ming Dynasty’s Great Wall remnants.

Photo: © bad_vampire

#4. Lucky Knot Pedestrian Bridge Changsha, China

Photo: © Justaguythatsall

#5. Romanian Athenaeum, Bucharest

Photo: © VENEPSl488

#6. Sun and Moon pagodas in Guilin, China

Photo: © ddprophet63

#7. Egyptian architecture. Al Sahaba Mosque, Sharm el Sheikh

Photo: © 13point6

#8. Singapore is probably the world’s capital of experimental architecture. This is just one of the many astonishing constructions it boasts.

Photo: © fan_tas_tic

#9. Ukraine – Lviv, staircase in the House of scientists

Photo: © BedroomFrequent1830

#10. The inflatable “Gaia” installation in the 18th century Baroque Painted Hall of the Old Royal Naval College, Greenwich, London, UK.

Photo: © ManiaforBeatles

#11. St. Mary’s Basilica, Kraków, Poland

Photo: © Technical_breach

#12. Les Espaces d’Abraxas, France

Photo: © drool66

#13. The 17th-century Shah Jahan Mosque in Pakistan notable for its geometric brickwork

Photo: © Fuckoff555

#14. Abandoned Nuclear Power Plant. Scary and beautiful

Photo: © Pikornkhab

#15. Hawa Mahal in Jaipur, India

Photo: © royalbluesword

#16. Øresund Bridge is a magnificent example of fine architecture

Photo: © ParaMike46

#17. BAPS Akshardham Temple, Delhi, India

Photo: © RudraAkhanda

#18. So cool. A new castle is being built in Poland.

Photo: © sausagespolishTemple of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, Barcelona, Spain