18 Fascinating Shots Showing The Full Beauty and Uniqueness Of Mother Nature

“I like it when a flower or a little tuft of grass grows through a crack in the concrete. It’s so fucking heroic” – George Carlin. Yes, Nature is indeed heroic. Nature will forever have its own way to leave us speechless and make us wanna discover more and more.

Of course, we are also in awe of photography and the good photographers who are there in the right place at the right time to capture the perfect moment.

From marine life to fascinating earthly creatures, from the astonishing representatives of flora and fauna to incredibly magical phenomena and sights, this collection will prove once again that this world has still a lot to offer us and even if you’ve seen a lot of things, still its wonders are never-ending.

So just check the photos to get some proof of what we just said.

#1. This cute baby rabbit looks like a Kung Fu master

Photo: © DingDongPuddlez

#2. To say Fall is so beautiful is to say nothing

Photo: © special_effects_nature

#3. Aquamarine Chameleon, the gorgeous creature

Photo: © Nixxy1111

#4. Giant Jellyfish by Michael Bear

Photo: © ElectronicRhubarb841

#5. Enchanting Fireflies in Japanese Forest

Photo: © MistWeaver80

#6. SPRING of the day

Photo: © special_effects_nature

#7. Incredibly beautiful Cotton candy skies in Alaska.

Photo: © akebreaks

#8. A Rainbow Lorikeet with its amazing vibrant colors

Photo: © microwave_head

#9. This leucistic spectacled owl looks very wise and almost surreal.

Photo: © happy_rich

#10. Perfectly crafted tunnel

Photo: © nooa11

#11. Highway to heaven

Photo: © special_effects_nature

#12. In 2001 there were only 6 The Bali Starling in the world. Today there are roughly 1,000

Photo: © Puzzleheaded-1985

#13. Rio Tinto River, known as the Red River

Photo: © elvenrunelord

#14. Backyard Orb Weaver

Photo: © Gone333

#15. The reef triggerfish (Hawaiian name humuhumunukunukuāpuaʻa meaning “triggerfish with a snout like a pig”)

Photo: © hesordidox

#16.  Makua Beach, Heart Shaped Rock Hawaii

Photo: © CommonSchemeForYou

#17. This snail is so adorable

Photo: © Hydraondrugs

#18. Little acorn weevil uses its long nose to drill and burrow into acorns.

Photo: © OLDSKYLbI