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18 Fascinating Photos Illustrating The Overwhelming Beauty Of Nature

All of us know that nature is magical and beautiful. But sometimes we get distracted by the dull and the mundane life in the cities and eventually we forget how truly mighty and overwhelming its beauty can get.
From fiery sunsets to adorable animals and majestic plants, everything holds such beauty that it leaves us breathless and we start looking at the world with a completely new view.
We start noticing and appreciating Mother Nature and what it holds for us exactly because of photos like this.

So please enjoy the amazing gallery we prepared for you today and share your opinion.

1. A beautiful Eurasian red Squirrel digging into the snow. How the lighting highlights the tail fluff!

Photo: © u/EagleSoaring_

2. Majestic jaguar

Photo: © u/OncaAtrox

3. Violet-backed starling

Photo: © u/Capital_Invite

4. Vietnamese mossy frog

Photo: © u/ChemBioJ

5. Giraffes in love

Photo: © u/silverlightthings

6. Bluebird in snow

Photo: © u/justadair

7. Commerson’s dolphins look like pandas of the see

Photo: © u/crinnoire

8. Clouds like lava

Photo: © u/silverlightthings

9. Fire rainbow. Naturally occurring atmospheric phenomenon

Photo: © u/redditbabgirl

10. When lightning becomes art

Photo: © u/aSlyGuy36

11. The way this tree reflects in the water

Photo: © u/j3ffr33d0m

12. The beauty of the Serengeti (photo credit: Alex G Perez)

Photo: © u/Recent-Sorbet

13. Sand waterfall in the deserts of Mauritania

Photo: © u/OmarKage

14. Ever seen a tree climb a hill? Well, now you have

Photo: © u/Next-Caterpillar-393

15. Hello friend!

Photo: © u/cybosapien

16. When the reflection completes the missing parts in reality

Photo: © u/DingDongPuddlez

17. How the reflection from a crystal shines a vivid rainbow on this protea flower

Photo: © u/MotleySparks

18. Lavender Waves, Ernie Black

Photo: © National Geographic