18 Fantastic Photos Showing The Truest Majesty Of Nature

Every single day is an opportunity to make a new discovery. Sharks have incredible night vision. Most of them can see very well in dark-lighted areas and even colors. How amazing is that?

Nature has a great talent for creating majestic phenomena and creatures that even the most renowned artist could not and never will be able to.

There couldn’t be more accurate proof of this than the article with 19 photos and a bonus we have prepared for our readers today. Please scroll down and share your opinion, of course, if you’re not too speechless to say anything.

#1. Female Orchid Mantis masquerades as a flower to attract prey.

Photo: © sipthestreets

#2. Scorpion mothers carry their scorpion babies on their backs…

Photo: © wueinr

#3. Frozen dew drops on the grass look magical

Photo: © j3ffr33d0m

#4. The Red and Yellow Barbet. Males have distinctively black, red, and yellow plumage; females and juveniles are similar but less brightly coloured.

Photo: © nowhemingway

#5. Monkfish is known for its tight, meaty white flesh that is often compared to lobster meat.

Photo: © PauloPatricio

#6. This gorgeous mandrill is just chilling

Photo: © JackTheFriend69

#7. Mecopterans are sometimes called scorpionflies since their males have enlarged genitals that look similar to the stingers of scorpions

Photo: © sipthestreets

#8. Little Blue Heron, a small heron belonging to the family Ardeidae.

Photo: © crinnoire

#9. Albinism in the animal world

Photo: © Jupitersdangle

#10. A Roboastra Gracilis is a species of a sea slug

Photo: © DrFetusRN

#11. The worlds oldest olive tree, estimated to be over 3000 years old. Still producing olives on the isle of Crete.

Photo: © osseepoo

#12. The Jaguarundi Cat sometimes called the “otter cat”

Photo: © Throwaway-71

#13. Red-tailed black cockatoo, native to Australia

Photo: © MistWeaver80

#14. In New Zealand, the bird of 2020 was chosen: The world’s largest Parrot – Kakapo

Photo: © TomahawkKevin

#15. Where heaven meets the earth

Photo: © sg3707

#16. Lilac-breasted Roller, the neon bird.

Photo: © aquilasr

#17. Rhinococks cannot fly!

Photo: © vipassana3

#18. Lightning can make fantastic views

Photo: © Remarkable-Ad7490

#Bonus: Monkey way of appreciation!

Photo: © vipassana3