18 Fantastic Macro Shots Revealing A Whole Universe In The Smallest Things

Things that are invisible to the eye are always visible and incredibly interesting on the microscope. Macro photography gives the same opportunity to see some tiny living creatures and or just small objects in greater size than their actual size is.

Just like under a microscope macro photos show the extreme close-up of things once invisible to us. In this post, our team has prepared the most mesmerizing macro photos showing our world in a way we’ve never seen before.

Each of these fantastic shots proves that even the littlest and the tiniest creatures and objects hold a whole universe in them and it’s simply astonishing.

Scroll down to see the photos that will definitely take your breath away.

#1. The world suspended in a drop of water

Photo: © ZapMePlease

#2. A small and fantastic universe full of reflections inside the foam.

Photo: © ElectronicRhubarb841

#3. What’s the first thing that pops into your head when you see this pic?

Photo: © macrophotographyuniverse

#4. Macro photography of paint spilt on human skin.

Photo: © manousheguy

#5. Focus Stack from the inside of a sweet pepper

Photo: © Mic_Kue

#6. Dragonfly head

Photo: © Kiran_kv

#7. Nature through dead leaf

Photo: © sarcasm2point0

#8. A fantastic macro shot of a Tabanidae

Photo: © radoslawpusz

#9. A little bottle with growth in it

Photo: © RenegadeS10

#10. A small 4mm fly

Photo: © Vast-Satisfaction-58

#11. American Giant Millipede (Narceus americanus )

Photo: © wienerphoto

#12. This shot has taken our breath away.

Photo: © macrophotographyuniverse

#13. Macro photo of a lizard’s skin

Photo: © Scaulbylausis

#14. Mushroom – Cambodian Gold

Photo: © _humble_being_

#15. This is not a picture of a planet but a macro image of a bubble

Photo: © shubhsomani

#16. Macro photo opened up a new world

Photo: © WazzaRaLiyrka

#17. Staring At A Crocodile

Photo: © 3dDoints

#18. ‘Yellow-spotted stink bug’ by Lucky Jaiswal

Photo: © /ivaylos