18 Failures In The Kitchen That Will Probably Scare Your Appetite Away

Culinary is an art, and we only realize it once we come across some serious failures in the kitchen. What the food looks like is nearly as important as what it tastes like, and vice versa. We at Modern Mood have come across some really crappy failures in the kitchen that lack either taste or look terrible.

Some people are never meant to be in the kitchen and pretend they are good at preparing food. Scroll down to check the most epic failures in culinary that would be so funny if they weren’t so painful.

#1. Spider-Man saving his own cake

Photo: © Bumble-Bee-Butt

#2. $50 slow-roasted prime rib. Very slow-roasted.

Photo: © GaryHC

#3. Does he even know what kind of robot he deep-fried?

Photo: © loveofGod12345

#4. The pot of rice. Things that happen to long-forgotten stuff.

Photo: © Burger_slayer

#5. Canned chicken delight…

Photo: © Miltonrupert

#6. Six Shades of S…

Photo: © jh1229934

#7. Question: Would you still eat it?

Photo: © Prestigious-Ad2859

#8. The result after you attempted one of those microwave mug cakes.

Photo: © Sad_Assistant_6980

#9. Everybody loves the Candlestick Salad

Photo: © amprey187

#10. When you secretly go to pick up a bottle of ketchup for a late-night snack

Photo: © Odd_Significance7949

#11. What’s the deal about the toilet full of vegetables?

Photo: © Halukinate

#12. My burger from a “5-star” restaurant today…

Photo: © uphigh_studio

#13. A perfect Birthday dessert for a dude named Dick

Photo: © Tony_Vilgotsky

#14. Looks like a reasonably powerful Pokémon.

Photo: © permalink_save

#15. This should be legally prohibited

Photo: © hornmelon

#16. Some serious John Wayne Gacy vibes going on.

Photo: © polkah

#17. The main reason for the loud noise in my apartment last night…

Photo: © e-commerceguy

#18. Avocado and Soy Sauce. All you need for the perfect lunch…

Photo: © nergoponte