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18 Extremely Rare Stuff That Can Happen To Anyone But Are Still Astonishing

One thing that life has taught us is that there is nothing this world can surprise us with anymore, and at the same time, it can surprise us with everything possible. The number of collections that we’ve prepared about the rarest thing across the globe is countless, yet there is always stuff that we can still show and amaze our readers by.

This post contains some fantastic photos of incredible events, creatures, and phenomena that will reveal the majesty of our world once again and even leave you open-mouthed in some cases

Keep on scrolling to see the photos and show us the most recent discovery that you’ve made.

#1. This plant-covered apartment building is a masterpiece itself

Photo: © DopePingu

#2. How often do you see a heart-shaped vein on a bicep?

Photo: © polypolypolypolypoly

#3. Parked beside other cars on a busy street, this car in Toronto is overgrown with plants

Photo: ©SmoothBrein

#4. Growing an extra toe in between her toes is an extremely rare thing

Photo: © tankuri

#5. I got cash from the bank, and all the bills were in the same sequence

Photo: © /rarewhitebird

#6. There is a very weird webbing in this cat’s eye (the vet has checked it, nothing harmful)

Photo: © NoPay8943

#7. Shoe matching level God

Photo: © sagelface

#8. So apparently, Stanford has a giant statue of a Greco-Roman sandworm on campus

Photo: © Skywalker_1881

#9. A year and a half’s worth of used insulin syringes from having a diabetic dog

Photo: © DanHam117

#10. My friend’s dog gently puts your knee into his mouth when he is happy to see you

Photo: © heneedsomemilk101

#11. The original puppy/monkey/baby is on display at PepsiCo Headquarters

Photo: © TheMaryTron

#12. The foliage sprouting from this water fountain’s spillage

Photo: © dickynags

#13. This toilet paper roll has two cardboard tubes in it

Photo: © Bagpipes_Rule

#14. The frame on this painting has eyeballs in it.

Photo: © Missile_Lawnchair

#15.This campsite has a miniature version of the mountain

Photo: © Sonny1991

#16. The morning sky has created a masterpiece

Photo: © TangerineNo697

#17. The geographic center of the United States.

Photo: © homer-price

#18. This coffee shop in Bedford, England, has “wallpaper” made from real, full-sized books.

Photo: © Flonkerton66