18 Exciting Photos Of Abandoned Places And Stuff That Make Us Feel The Power Of Time And History

It is super exciting to explore abandoned places to feel the power of time and history. However, arguably, many few know that entering an abandoned building is unlawful because it is still owned by someone.

Besides, even if it wasn’t unlawful, it’s still not recommended to enter these buildings because they decay and present a danger to those exploring the place, such as unsteady floors, sharp objects, and asbestos.

So we prepared this collection of 18 photos for our readers to explore such places and stuff in safe conditions. Scroll down to see what happens to the long-forgotten stuff and what they look like now.

#1. On New Year’s Eve 1993, this ocean liner left Greece for Thailand, towed by a tugboat. The tow lines broke during a storm; the ship was left adrift, and, on 18 January 1994, it ran aground near Fuerteventura, Canary Islands.

Photo: © oprljeni6u

#2. Abandoned Toy Store in Danielson, CT. Shame they couldn’t donate the last bit of inventory.

Photo: © Minx-Boo

#3. Is it weird that we find this beautiful?

Photo: © k10clark

#4. Who puts a pot of soup back in the drawer without checking if it is clean?

Photo: © unarCookie137

#5. These moldy sweet potatoes and pears look so soft and pettable

Photo: © shrimpz_z

#6. This Aldi passata has developed a brain

Photo: © ofxpetrichor

#7. The perfection of abandoned places

Photo: © LCum_Sock_Injester

#8. Nature eventually found its way into this abandoned hotel in Japan.

Photo: © Scrollerium

#9. Larry got that hair transplant surgery he always wanted.

Photo: © spadadoro

#10. A cinema in northern Thailand  – abandoned since the mid ’80s

Photo: © M_Faisal

#11. Discovered on a door frame, any ideas?

Photo: © HalfPrimer

#12. Chinese food looks good when forgotten

Photo: © smoore82

#13. This abandoned train in the mountains looks like a perfect spot for taking photos

Photo: © weirdnawesome

#14. Somewhere in Pennsylvania, trains are still waiting for their passengers

Photo: © morganmonroe81

#15. The only island I can afford

Photo: © drinnnnnnn

#16. The work of art you are looking at used to be Philadelphia cheese

Photo: © Acrobatic_Truck_5530

#17. Abandoned toilet in Toledo, Spain

Photo: ©sergiodeisidro

#18. The mold is most probably Engyodontium araneum

Photo: © ninjacat94