18 Exciting Historical Photos That Reminded Us We Are Nothing Without Our Past

We learn history at school, and it’s not surprising that sometimes we get lost in a great amount of information. However, no matter how much we read and see, there is always something that stays left out of our textbooks. Here is when the photo facts come to show us something exciting.

We know about the major events in history, but the collection will show you how historical figures or ordinary people used to dress back then, take selfies, or simply live.

Everything and nothing has changed from these times, but it’s still super exciting to watch the past. Scroll down to see the most interesting collection of historical photos and remember that we are all nothing without our past, and we’ve come this far thanks to it.

#1. Ms. Lee Merlin was the winner of the “Miss Atomic Bomb” pageant in Las Vegas in the 1950s.

Photo: © DiosMioMan63

#2. A man is begging for his wife’s forgiveness inside Divorce Court. Chicago, ca. 1948.

Photo: © pumpkinmum

#3. Wanrong, the Last Empress of China, wearing “chaofu,” the ceremonial court dress of the Qing Dynasty – 1920′s

Photo: © /ting-en

#4. Inauguration of Abraham Lincoln at the U.S. Capitol, Washington, D.C., March 4, 1861

Photo: © gonewithwind67

#5. An unidentified woman is taking a selfie, circa 1900.

Photo: © CrotchWolf

#6. Vincent Price on the set of “The House on Haunted Hill,” 1959

Photo: © WhenPigsRideCars

#7. Ethel, Jackie, and John Kennedy taking a selfie, 1954

Photo: © Aklagarn

#8. Russian Tsar Nicholas II at the 1903 ball in the Winter Palace wearing a dress costume that belonged to Tsar Alexis in the 17th century

Photo: © enabledveteran

#9. Indian men and boys during the orrisa famine under British Government (1866).

Photo: © Ok-Ambassador3244

#10. Snowy Austro-Hungarian trench in Carpathian mountains, during winter battles against Russians, 1915

Photo: © Unknown

#11. Nazi and Japanese Officer Pose for Picture in 1943

Photo: © wiflix_

#12. Archeologists excavate and examine ancient terracotta warrior sculptures in Xi’an, People’s Republic of China, 1979.

Photo: © EucalyptusBrain

#13. Daytona Beach, Florida, 1957

Photo: © rockystl

#14. 100,000 Iranian women protesting days after the Iranian Revolution, 1979

Photo: © sowlfie

#15. Lines to visit the first McDonald’s in Moscow, USSR. January 31, 1990.

Photo: © eenachtdrie

#16. One of the first photos of the Nefertiti bust, Amarna, 1912. Found by Ludwig Borchardt on December 6, 1912.

Photo: © TN_Egyptologist

#17. Street of Hong Kong, 1950s

Photo: © Newez

#18. November 11, 1989, two days after the official fall of the Berlin Wall, cellist and conductor Mstislav Rostropovich performs Bach’s cello suites in support of artistic freedom.

Photo: © MrSpitfire1942