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18 Exciting And Informative Photos Telling A Brand New Story About Our Surrounding World

When you start storing the interesting discoveries and counting how much you learn during each coming day, there will be no holding you back because incredible things and information you can brag about knowing about are like an addiction; you will surely want some more.

For today, we have selected 20 impressive photos, each giving a piece of knowledge, and we assure you we’ll share some more. Seriously, maybe it’s not such a bad idea to start counting how much we learn and what part of our world we already know about.

Scroll down to check the exciting collection with 20 photos that tell a brand new story about the life around us.

#1. Silkhenge structures are a means of spider reproduction. It typically consists of a central “spire” constructed of spider silk, containing one to two eggs, surrounded by a sort of fence of silk in a circle.

Photo: © heuiwneq

#2. How koalas get weighed is so touching and cute

Photo: © imkellyjelly

#3. The 24,000-year-old Prince of Arene Candide, a 15-year-old boy, found in a cave in Liguria, Italy. He died of a serious jaw injury caused by a bear or big cat and was buried with a cap made of shells.

Photo: © unstkurator

#4. The inside view of a cabbage defines perfection

Photo: © OwanBowan

#5. A 2358-year-old coin, showing the face of Alexander The Great

Photo: © Miha08Mihaylov

#6. Elephant’s last molar erupts at the age of 25 and lasts longer than the other. The elephant has to manage it well because it serves it for the rest of its life.

Photo: © shnougz

#7. Enjoy the view! Los Angeles can be breathtaking too!

Photo: © DrFetusRN

#8. The custom made armor of King Henry VIII

Photo: © wrapityup

#9. What an albino gorilla looks like, as a result of inbreeding

Photo: © josh_loaf

#10. What planet does this pineapple come from? Any ideas?

Photo: © finalyst19

#11. An extinct type of shark is called the Helicoprion. Its teeth resemble a circular saw.

Photo: © Random_Average_Human

#12. The world’s biggest hovercraft – the Russian Zubr class.

Photo: © 25dragons

#13. 7 years ago, this boulder was in one piece, and it had a small sapling growing out of some shallow dirt on top.

Photo: © ctrpt

#14. Plate with Wife Beating Husband, Made in Dinant or Malines, Netherlands, ca. 1480.

Photo: © munncrack

#15.  5.5″ Meg tooth, dated to the Miocene of Java, Indonesia, 5-25 million years old.

Photo: © CaribbeanCalypso

#16. The orange alligator is the rarest colored variant of an alligator, and it’s simply lit

Photo: © creepthekid_

#17. WWI Trench Model

Photo: © AnxiousIndicator

#18. Skeleton Panda Sea Squirts eat their own brain. Because once they attach to a rock and become stationary, they stop moving.

Photo: © Jardani-kun

#19. A swimmer right before breaking the water surface tension

Photo: © Jay_Boogie96

#20. Jonathan is the oldest known living terrestrial animal in the world. He came to life in 1832 and is currently 187 years old.

Photo: © WorldHub995