18 Examples of Strangest Designs And Awful taste We Can’t Help Looking At

Every single product, be it very useful or just absurd has its royal consumer. We have stopped getting surprised at whatever we see in the markets and online stores, but we definitely never get tired of making fun and have a really good laugh at them, and we think you should see them too.

In this article, we selected the top 18 useless things with awful taste the producers of which thought the opposite and produced them anyway. They weren’t mistaken after all, since there are people who buy these things. And who would buy a useless thing? Nonsense.

Scroll down to see the photos and comment on the most absurd one!

#1. Fine China envies this decorative toilet bowl

Photo: © Dr_Zol_Epstein_III

#2. Ceramic warthog teapot

Photo: © glitterclamz

#3. Yoda cake anyone?

Photo: © anxxkidd

#4. Accordion Arms. New trend?

Photo: © bsurfn2day

#5. “Supreme” pizza hat

Photo: © whitemike40

#6. Ivory carving of a skull and coiled snake with carnelian eyes. Japan, Edo period, 1860

Photo: © hmm-bugger

#7. Just an ocean vibe…

Photo: © PeachWorms

#8. Please, welcome, have a seat

Photo: © pengouin85

#9. A luxury helping hand

Photo: © ExpertAccident

#10. How long did it take you to realize this is a face mask?

Photo: © aoatrayer

#11. Meat rat or what the hell is this?

Photo: © Toot_My_Own_Horn

#12. How much you should love pizza to do this?

Photo: © stekul

#13. Proving your love!

Photo: © enzosAKApoonlik

#14. Venus Flytrap Urinal

Photo: © ral365

#15. The Spreading Lion

Photo: © metroscope

#16. Camel head made of Camel butts

Photo: © Gloompoodle

#17. “Handy” fashion

Photo: © Astronyat

#18. You’ve heard of Jorts now get ready for the Jong

Photo: © anustickl