18 Examples Of Optical Illusions That Easily Deceived Our Brains Before We Were Able to Find Out What’s Going On There

How long has it been since you last tested how your brain works? Because we have prepared mind-blowing photos to check how well they can deceive your brains. But be prepared to get a real headache because these photos are harder to unveil than it seems at first.

Here are 18 examples of optical illusions that our team also had a hard time with what’s actually going on in the photos. Scroll down to see the collection and comment on the most mind-blowing one.

#1. This glass truck perfectly merges with the nature

Photo: © Teillu

#2. When you really can’t understand what’s going on

Photo: © peterbishopisnotdead

#3. We can now project the news into the sky.

Photo: © laudida

#4. When you had no idea, your wife was part dog

Photo: © mepfeiff

#5. Sailing through the sky is so beautiful

Photo: © sadturtle12

#6. This adorable giant kid has made us rub our eyes

Photo: © StrategicHotdogs

#7. Russia’s new helitrucker

Photo: © randumchicken

#8. Huge suit or huge sleeves?

Photo: © mg_slim

#9. New breed or just coincidence?

Photo: © nwa747

#10. I need an exterminator!

Photo: © pmarble15

#11. Alexandra Daddario hooves

Photo: © AnyPassenger2099

#12. How many kitties do you see?

Photo: © adyBriz

#13. He’s grown a very long arm to hug them all

Photo: © solipsisticly

#14. It looks like he’s not a hugger…

Photo: © louisrobbins

#15. Those legs make us faint

Photo: © EscapeFromSiberia

#16. Wait, where are we going?

Photo: © Okay-Look

#17. Just a guy laying his head down

Photo: © thirstgeek

#18. How did they get on this fence?

Photo: © B-L-O-C-K-S