18 Epic Panoramic Photos Failures That Are So Bad It Will Make You Crack From Laughter

The Panoramic mode in our cameras allows taking breathtaking shots by simply panning the phone from left to right. But the shots don’t always turn out breathtaking just because it’s super hard to get it right and super easy to fail.

However, these failures are so hilariously funny and awkwardly bizarre that we don’t judge the ones taking these shots for failure.

This rime Modern Mood has chosen the most epic panoramic photos that are gone so wrong it will make you laugh really hard.

#1. When the table selfie goes wrong

Photo: © PizzaTwinnie

#2. Misusing the panoramic feature can lead to insane realities

Photo: © GiantClaw

#3. Panoramic feature tunes the Eiffel Tower into Pisa Tower

Photo: © Lifelapse

#4. A Picasso

Photo: © mystpineapple

#5. “What can I say except I want to die”

Photo: © expialele

#6. No wonder why he’s always the winner

Photo: © Gal_Anonim_Poland

#7. Great harp player though

Photo: © BareKnuckle_Bob

#8. Let me count the legs

Photo: © Chrysler420

#9. Some horribly deformed horses.

Photo: © Alexispaige1124

#10. Panoramic pics are creepy

Photo: © dopici

#11. Tallboys

Photo: © pierbi2

#12. The scream. But the creepy one

Photo: © pird_berson22

#13. A centipede or a dog?

Photo: © logansworth

#14. When panorama shots go wrong.

Photo: © weskbob

#15. Obviously, not very good at taking panoramas

Photo: © -Skizza

#16. “My friend became an immortal god when this panorama took an interesting turn.”

Photo: © solepixel

#17. I hope he doesn’t see what they’ve done to him

Photo: © doggerm

#18. A little bit of nightmare fuel found in an old panoramic from eons ago.

Photo: © meadcd